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Keane (Tano'rath)
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Hi, and thanks for dropping by my page~

I am just another in a huge mob of black and grey dragons (haha), and yes, I do writing if that isn't immediately obvious by now heh.

Generally, yeah I'm up for a chat and stuff, although I might not reply at once. Otherwise, enjoy my work!

Fun facts:
I'm studying to be an engineer! And, I am former army personnel (did 2 years mandatory service). I write and take bad photographs in my free time~ I also build pcs!

Twitter: Tanorath_Drgn follow me for nonsense~

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Tano'rath out.

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things. yes. well, life has somewhat gotten in the way of my writing. lol. Otherwise, yes! I've started doing photography, though I'm probably not uploading here. Too messy. Otherwise, yes I'm still writing, and, yes, I'm still somewhat alive.

And since I'm here, yeah go ahead and ask me things. heh.

Tano'rath out.


Chapter 62: Reciprocation

The next morning, I was woken by my alarm clock, known as Fenek, who shook me awake before dawn.

Yawning, I had my breakfast, and a cup of coffee. Fenek remarked that he managed to find some the day before, and had bought some for me. However, judging from his scowl when he had a sip, I could tell that it wasn’t for him.

Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Strong aroma with hints of hazelnut. I took a while to enjoy it before making my way to the Dragons’ barracks.

Adjusting my cap and holster, I strolled in to see only a handful of them milling around, the rest were probably still asleep. Hector was already leaning on one of the walls, glancing at me occasionally while talking to Faelius.

Pausing to draw my rifle and magazines from the armoury counter, I strolled over. “Do they always get up late?”

Hector huffed. “No, but this is earlier than usual.”

Sighing, I slung my rifle. “That aint an excuse. I’ll deal with it.”

I sauntered to the middle of the building and roared at the top of my lungs, “Gennermen, do you know what TIME IT IS?! WHOLE LOT TURNOUT  TURNOUT TURNOUT!”

Much to my satisfaction as I looked around, I heard a chorus of shouting and one by one the room doors banged open and the dragons ran out, some of them actually looking rather startled. Nodding quietly in approval, I went back to join the two of them.

“Do you always shout at your men like that?” Faelius interjected, his head cocked and his eyes sparkling.

“I shout when I need to.” I replied with a shrug, “Going door to door will take too long.”

Faelius chuckled. “It is a shame that there was no chance to educate you in the arcane arts. Mind-speak could have woken them too. I must see to it that you are taught.”

I glanced at him, nodding before going to address the main group. I stood there for a while, waiting for any stragglers, before telling them to go and draw their equipment and such, same things at the last time.

This round, they were at least faster, and by dawn, they had already fallen in outside the barracks, and I marched with them to the square, where the trucks and other forces were already waiting.

I handed them over to Victor, who was busy designating the vehicles for them to load up into, while I went to claim my rover. There were several, as we would be running escort for the trucks, which, although capable of protecting themselves, were admittedly still vulnerable.

I had Hector in my vehicle with me, Fenek behind on the machine gun, and Flayme squeezed in next to the brown. Fenek seemed to be none too pleased at being dragged into another battle, while both Hector and Flayme seemed to be in high spirits as I did my checks on the vehicle.

“So, this is how it begins, yes?” Flayme’s voice piped up from behind as I started the engine and gave it a rev to make sure all was well.

I tested the gears a bit, driving around a bit as well. “What begins?”

“The fall of the council, of course!” Hector bellowed, grinning.

I smirked a bit. “Maybe, if we don’t all blow up later.”

In the background, I heard a lot of yelling, as the truck engines turned over and came roaring to life one by one. The convoy moved out one by one, with the rovers taking up position as escorts as the vehicles rolled out the gates one by one. Some trucks were towing the howitzers, others filled with ammunition, all scattered within the convoy. In addition to the rovers, the tanks roared up alongside, in case anything big came knocking.

When my cue came, I revved the engine and matched the speed of the truck that I was to take as my reference.

As we exited the gate, the truck’s engine roared as the driver accelerated, and I did the same, with both vehicles lurching forward as the convoy moved.

As we drove, I shouted over to my passengers, “Keep an eye out. You never know what will happen.”

Admittedly, the drive was quite uneventful. No attacks, nothing. Both comforting and unnerving at the same time. I spent more time finding and scratching itches than anything else. Didn’t help at all that it was practically a straight road.

Eventually, though, we finally reached the staging area. By then, it was already roughly midday. We wasted no time in unloading, and setting up camp, while the artillery was being set up. Spotters and scouts were sent out, while the rest of us did our checks once again to ensure that our weapons were serviceable.

I noted that a good number of the dragons still carried swords in addition to their rifles. When asked, they actually seemed to be proud of the blades, speaking of their exploits and such. Almost like in those old stories about legendary knights and their blades. I could see why they didn’t want to part with their blades.

I, on the other hand, spent the time cleaning my guns, and taking a bit of the time to get a snack and talk to the other dragons too.

It was actually a waste that I didn’t spend much time with the other dragons, I mused. They seemed to be an interesting bunch. I actually ended up with a small group of them and exchanging stories. They told me about their culture, and I told them about the pre-war culture here. I told them about the small annoyances like train breakdowns, and how people would text while walking and collide with things. They told me about the joys of flying and exploring the unspoilt expanse of their world, and how they fought for their chosen cause. I told them about our concrete jungles, and how global politics always complicated things. How we would be put on alert over a threat by another nation’s minister, and how the industrial activities of humanity had begun to alter the climate. How our technological progress came at a price, and how we were struggling to fix it.

However, my discussion was interrupted when Victor came running over.

I, of course, wasn’t too happy about being interrupted. “What?”

“The governor of Manila just landed in front of our forces. He wants to discuss terms-“ Victor prattled on.

“Then discuss la! You guys can handle what.” I replied flatly.

“Discuss terms with you. He mentioned a challenge.” Victor replied, making a face, “Dude, I thought they were supposed to have taught you to be polite.”

“Oh bugger off.” I replied with a smirk, getting up. “Where?”

Victor motioned for me to follow him as we strolled to the leading edge, where a large green dragon stood, in his quadruped form.  He had a pair of white horns and white spikes that ran down his back and tail.

He must have noticed that I was looking him over as his head swung round on his long neck, his green eyes made contact with mine. “Ah, Tano’rath. There you are.”

I nodded tersely. “And you are?”

“You may call me Gadzooks. I am the governor of this town, and the headmaster of the academy here.” He replied, dipping his head.

I was actually quite surprised that he was actually displaying respect for me like that, and I reciprocated by bowing. “I see. So, I hear that you requested for my presence?”

The green chuckled. “Yes, yes, I did. I assume that your army is not here to have tea in my city, yes?”

I couldn’t help but smirk. “That is correct. I believe you mentioned a challenge?”

Gadzooks snorted. “First, may I ascertain what your intensions are?”

“You may. This is a little thing we call retaliation.” I replied with a nod. “As you may or may not know, we were attacked by Council forces a few days ago. We have seen fit to….reciprocate.”

“What of the inhabitants of the city and the Riders? As you well know, your reputation precedes you.” He replied, sitting on his haunches. Was that a hint of worry I detected in his tone?

I sighed. “If they do not resist, they will not be harmed. The reputation that you speak of is flawed. I am neither the leader, nor am I a ruthless cold blooded killer. Now about this challenge of yours?”

Gadzooks chuckled. “I’ve heard things from your teachers. I did not believe them, I must admit. However, I can no longer dispute them now.” He then took on a serious tone, “As for the challenge, it is simple. I am aware that those contraptions that you use to move your soldiers need this thing called a battery to work. I will…disable them, and if you are able to resurrect your fleet of motorised carts within two of your hours, I will yield to you.”

I blinked, taking a while to process what he said. “So…you drained my batteries?”

“If that is the proper way of saying it, then yes, that is what I did. I have always admired ingenuity, so impress me, o black drake. I will remain here and observe.” He replied, cocking his head a little at me. “Your time has started. Use it wisely.”

Victor shot me a worried look as I had the other commanders called over and spoke with them about the challenge. It admittedly sounded too good to be true, but alas, we decided that it was worth a try.

We must have spent a good quarter of the time arguing over how to charge the batteries, since a few attempts to crank any of the engines on any of the vehicles was rewarded with a low whining and a warning buzzer sounding.

Someone mentioned building a dynamo, or asking one of the dragons to spin the axle manually, but all of that was tossed out. If we had been on a hill, I could have gotten the rover engines running by putting them into gear and rolling them down the hill to crank the engine. However, we were on a plateau, and the incline wasn’t steep enough.

Eventually, Faelius joined the discussion, and almost at once suggested magic.

Seeing no other real alternative, I had Fyre and Flayme called over, while someone went digging for a voltmeter.

As Victor sprinted back with the requested piece of equipment, I got the both of them to cast spells of electricity, and measured the voltage between each hand.

Once they got to the right voltage, I brought them to one of the rovers, threw open the hood and made them charge the battery. Meanwhile, I clambered into the driver’s seat and waited a moment before getting them to let go as I cranked the engine.

The starter whined several times as the engine turned over. I heard it try to start, and not wanting to retry the whole thing, I jammed the accelerator to the floor and tried again.

I was rewarded with a whole lot of whining…followed by a roar as the engine came to life. Smirking, I high-fived Victor and the other commanders.

However, the dragons didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as I was, and Fyre eventually spoke up. “It is good that we have this one machine running, but our energy reserves cannot sustain this if you wish to do the same for the rest…”

I smirked. “Nah. You’ll have to do it one or two more times. We’ll handle the rest. Watch.”

As Victor had them charge the batteries of another rover, I revved the engine a few times to charge the battery some more, before digging around the vehicle equipment bag to find the jumper cables. As the other dragons clustered around to watch, I used it to jump another rover.

In the background, I heard another engine splutter to life, then another.

I proceeded to direct the other drivers to get ready as we jumped the smaller vehicles first. They were given a while to drive around and charge the batteries before jumping the next batch.

Eventually, we proceeded to jump the trucks, which proved to be markedly more difficult, as some of the rovers couldn’t provide enough current.

However, time ticked by, and was marked with engines roaring or spluttering back to life, first sporadically, then regularly, and eventually becoming a chorus as every newly jumped vehicle jumped another, and another. We even managed to get the tanks running.

Glancing at the dash clock, I realised that I had forgotten to take note of the time.

Hoping that we had not run over time, I drove over to where Gadzooks was lying, obviously soaking up the sun. “We’re done.”

The large green sat up, and paused to look around, nodding. He actually seemed to be very surprised. “So I see. Show me.”

I obliged and showed him around a little. He seemed satisfied. “May I ask how you did this? I was told that you would not be able to recover!”

I smirked. “Some old fashioned ingenuity, and some dragon magic. Don’t forget, this is a mixed force.”

He actually seemed impressed and nodded. “I see. Very well, then. I yield.”

“I accept. I need your oath.” I replied tersely, as Victor strolled over with a few armed guards.

He gave me his oath. “I understand. However, the guard commander refuses to take my orders. I apologise, but you will have to make war this day despite this. I am willing to atone for this oversight if need be. Do what you will…” He actually seemed to be readying himself to die as the guards stood in front of him impassively.

“Your call.” Victor added, passing me a walkie talkie. “Arty is ready.”

I glanced at Gadzooks, “I’m not going to hold you responsible for something’s that not your fault. Do you have a family…er clan?”

“I have a mate. She is in my dwelling.” He replied, his voice wavering a little.

“If you want her to live, tell her to come here now. You will tell her to bring a yellow towel, and hold it in her left fore-claw. Ensure that it is visible.” I replied, as I activated the walkie talkie. “All forces, prep. Arty, sight on defensive force. Hold fire on dragon with yellow towel.”

Within minutes, an orange dragon landed, holding a yellow towel as requested. From the curves of her body, I didn’t need anyone to tell me that she was Gadzook’s mate. She gave me her oath and thanked me for sparing her. I instructed them to stay put.

The radio crackled. “Sir, bogeys sighted, clear of gate already. Several dragons, some on foot, some air, some with riders. Arty standing by.”

I glanced at Gadzooks and his wife. “You can stay and watch if you want, but it won’t be pretty.”

In the distance, one could already see the dragon forces marching out, with those flying silhouetted against the sun. Behind them was the city.

The two of them didn’t move. Gadzooks met my eyes evenly. “I have heard of the…efficiency of the tactics of the Resistance. I wish to see you in action. If it means seeing my forces torn apart, then so be it. They disobeyed orders, and by Council law, the penalty is death anyway. Do what you will.”

I nodded, and activated the radio. “Arty, commence firing. Sight accordingly. Ground, stand by to form up. Armour, make ready to move up.”

As the affirmatives poured in, I heard the low thudding of the artillery firing, and the sound of guns being readied.

Gadzooks cocked his head at me. “Not all your troops are armoured?”

“Armour is a term for something else. You’ll see soon enough.” I replied. I hadn’t shown him the tanks.

Eventually, the scattered thumping became a steady rhythm, as explosions bloomed in the distance, scattering the neat rows and files of dragons. They seemed to be confused, and running around in circles, trying to figure out where the shells were coming from. Their flying troops landed to help look, and were caught in a particularly nasty barrage, reducing them to pulp and smoke.

I raised the radio again. “All forces, move out. Arty hold when forces away.”

I had half a mind to join the attack, but thought better of it. Instead, I stood with the former governor as the troops ran past, some on foot, and others on rovers. Flanking the troops were the tanks. I paused to point at one of the leopards as it rolled past. “That is armour.”

Gadzooks snorted, unimpressed. “Is it not a metal box on wheels?”

“A metal box on wheels with a big gun.” I replied, and as if on cue, some of the tanks angled their barrels up and fired. “See?”

While the green dragon turned to look, I beckoned the guards over and instructed them to keep an eye on the duo. I hefted my rifle and jogged over to join the troops, deciding that standing and watching would not do.

That, however, would be something that I would regret.

By the time we reached what was left of the opposing force, the ground was already stained a deep red, and the scent of blood hung heavily in the air. Most of the scattered trees had already been reduced by splinters, and the ground was covered in multi-coloured debris; what was left of the dragons. Bones and scales alike crunched under our boots and claws as we advanced slowly and in silence…

I couldn’t help but gag as we rounded up the survivors, most of them giving up without a fight at all. The majority looked to be shaken to say the least, with empty looks in their eyes, and mutterings about metal rain of fire and death.

We gathered up the survivors, took their oaths and had them marched back to the base camp. I radioed ahead to let them know, while the main force moved onwards to the city. I radioed to have the artillery re-sight their guns.

When we closed on the rider academy, I found the doors firmly shut, but from the buildings within, no sound was emitted.

Dispatching some of the force to secure the town, I had the rest of them hold position behind me while I tossed a rock at the doors.

Still nothing.

Remembering the gatekeeper, I shouted, “Open the doors, please!”

Again, nothing, and I stood there feeling like an idiot for a while, before the gates began opening.

The huge wooden doors parted to show the riders in force. All of them were in neat rows atop their dragons, arrayed behind the Gatekeeper, who sat on his haunches, looking straight at me.

“I see you have returned.” He commented, while glancing at the tank and the rest of the force behind me. “And brought some company.”

I raised a hand, motioning for the rest to stay put. “Yes, in fact, I did.”

The huge dragon eyeballed me. “Are you here to fight us?”

“Not if I don’t have to.” I replied flatly, holding his gaze. “Lower your weapons and we will lower ours.”

I heard someone shout from the crowd of riders. “Not all here wish to serve your cause, Tano’rath.”

I spoke up so that all could hear. “I would let you go, but unfortunately, that is not my call to make. The best I can give you is not shooting you now. Stand down.”

I heard some murmuring in the crowd as they discussed my words. Glancing at the Gatekeeper, I added, “I’ll give you some time to talk it over.”

The moment I turned to walk off, I heard an arrow embed itself next to me. Growling, my head snapped round. “Who did that?!”

Silence. In the meantime, someone tapped me on the shoulder, and Kazuki’s voice floated over. “I saw him.”

I glanced over at the blue and white wolf. “Keep an eye. Don’t shoot first.”

He nodded and was gone a second later, probably looking for a good spot. I glared at the assembled dragons, then the riders on their backs. “Well? No balls to own up is it?”

The Gatekeeper seemed to want to say something, but I shook my head. “You have five seconds. I will count.”

I started counting, and the murmuring increased. Even the Gatekeeper joined them, and seemed to berating the group in general for doing something rash. By the time I reached one, there was still no answer.

I tried to say something, but they were all too busy talking amongst themselves. Annoyed, I drew my pistol and fired a shot, getting their attention. “Now, still don’t want to own up? Nevermind.”

The Gatekeeper plodded over, glancing occasionally at my pistol and the force assembled behind me. “We-“

As he walked, I nodded. A moment later, there was a shout from the assembled crowd, and one of the riders fell, blood leaking from his head, soaking his tunic and dyeing his white bow red.

Throwing myself out of the way, I barely managed to bring my rifle to bear when his enraged dragon, a blue, came charging out, roaring and swiping at where I had been.

Lying on my back, I took aim and fired, solving the problem.

Dusting myself off, I walked back up to the Gatekeeper. “As you were saying?”

“We…” He actually looked stunned, and his mouth hung loosely for a moment before he picked up again. “I was going to…apologise for his behaviour, but I see that…that you…you already dealt with…him.”

Engaging the safety catch on my rifle, I shook my head, sighing. “What else did you expect me to do? It was pretty obvious what his intent was. If he had owned up, then I probably wouldn’t have had him shot, but he didn’t. It was either that or have all of you killed, and I’d rather not do that. I abhor killing as much as the next man, but sometimes, you need to fight to retake what’s yours. Now, stand down, or do you want to end up like the red mush out there in the fields?”

The Gatekeeper glanced out in the general direction from which I had come. “That was the fate of the guards?”

“Even after your governor yielded. Tread carefully, dragon.”   I replied, feeling my eyes narrow. “My superiors would want you all dead. Give me a reason.”

“I cannot speak for all that are here, but I know that some here will not fight for your cause.” He replied, his head dipping.

I adjusted my rifle, and pulled out the radio with my left hand. “That’s their problem, not mine. They will be dealt with when my bosses see fit. Right now, putting down your arms will be good enough. If they want to join us, then by all means. If they want to live a quiet life, go ahead. If they are loyalists, they’ll either be killed or thrown out. But know this: if you fight us, we will not hesitate to rain hell and fire onto all of you.”

From the crowd came another voice “What if we don’t believe you?”

I snapped round, finding a snarl plastered onto my snout. “Don’t believe? The red mush not enough?! Want another fucking demonstration?” Without waiting for a response, I activated the radio. “Arty, sight on academy.”

With my own growls running under my tone, I turned to glare at the assembled group, completely ignoring the Gatekeeper. “You don’t know when to stop, don’t you? Didn’t see the carnage? What to be part of it?! You may have a death wish, but the guy next to you might not! Want to die? Walk out here and get shot. Don’t pull the whole fucking group in!”

The Gatekeeper shifted uncertainly. “Perhaps we need to calm down and adjourn to meet later.”

“I don’t have time for that.” I snapped, glancing at my own force. “Lay down your weapons. Yes or no.”

The Gatekeeper fidgeted a little before sighing. “I will yield. We will not make battle this day.” Subsequently, they split into two groups, with one group intending to leave, while the other giving me their oaths.

“Finally. Some good news.” I huffed, lowering my weapon. Behind the Gatekeeper, I saw most of the dragons and riders visibly relax, putting their weapons down. “Now, all of you will walk forward one at a time and place any and all of your weapons in front of me. Keep in mind that if you try anything funny, my men and I will not hesitate to shoot.”

As they began dropping the assorted weapons in front of me, I radioed over to say that they had yielded.

Soon, the roars of truck engines could be heard as the vehicles drove into the city, while some pulled up outside the Academy. The weapons were loaded up, and driven away.

Once done, the Gatekeeper, who had been eyeing the trucks, padded over. “What of us now?”

“Go home. Eat. Rest. You are under the rule of the Resistance now. Cause no trouble, and get on with your collective lives. If anything needs to be done and such, we’ll inform you. If anyone wants to join us or whatever, you can look for me.” I replied, bringing my force in as the riders and dragons dispersed, some outright leaving, while others content to go home. I pointed the army to take up the relevant defensive position, while having some admin people brought in to go through the material in the academy, and of course, revise the curriculum.

The Gatekeeper plopped himself next to me, watching the proceedings. “This is…not what I expected.”

I shrugged. “I don’t like fighting.”

“What of the Academy?”

I smirked. “Oh, it’ll still run, but it will teach proper science and stuff. That’s about it. Are the instructors still around?”

“Most of them left. However, a handful remain. Do you wish to speak with them?”

I nodded, and the dragon asked me to wait there while he went to fetch them. In the meantime, Faelius landed next to me, pausing to glance at the dead dragon and rider before shooting me a questioning look.

It took a while, but I managed to explain what happened, and finished just in time to have the Gatekeeper come back with a grand total of six instructors, all of whom recognised Faelius almost immediately, and a moment later, me. I recognised Althos and Aurak among the few.

However, before I could begin, I heard a familiar voice float over, “EH!” Glancing round, I saw Dany walking out the gates with Fovahlok trailing behind, an aura of defeat hanging to the blue. Didn’t take much of a jump to guess what was going on.

Pausing to motion for the instructors to relax, “Er, give me a moment. Have a seat or something first. Let me settle this.”

Subsequently, I walked to meet Dany halfway. “You again. Decided to stay, I see.”

Fovahlok sighed and nodded as Dany boomed, “YEAH! I want to join you! Where do I sign up AH?”

I couldn’t help but to chuckle. “Boss, not open yet. I’ll tell you all when open. Go rest or eat or whatever, and take care of Fovahlok. He looks a bit down.”

While the two of them went off, I settled down to speak with the instructors. “Okay, so since you are all here and not trying to rip my head off, I’m assuming that you’re here to help, or at least here to not make trouble for me.”

I received nods and assorted verbal confirmations from the small group as I leaned on my rifle. After a short pause, Althos spoke up. “What of us, then? Surely you can’t expect us to teach what we do not know!”

I shrugged. “In your case, you can resume teaching hand to hand fighting. Otherwise, you’re free to go about your lives like everyone else. If you want to attend the other classes, you’re welcome to do so.”

“What of our clans? They don’t all live here!” Aurak shot over, and all snapped round to stare at him for a moment, before they fixed on me once again.

I sighed. “Ah, yes, the C word. As you well know, there’s a war on. If they manage to get to the city, tell them to mention to the guards that they have family here. I’ll handle the rest. They won’t be harmed. Feel free to let the other inhabitants know.”

This seemed to cause the stir as the dragons began discussing amongst themselves, and my thoughts were interrupted by someone clapping behind me. I whirled round to find Victor smirking, being the source of the clapping, and standing next to Kazuki who was presently munching on a banana. “You should be in PR, bro.” Victor remarked, thumping me on the back.

I paused to glance at the wolf. “What happened to dim sum?”

Kazuki shrugged, still chewing. “Healthier choice.”

I subsequently turned to Victor. “Hah. I wish. Better than shooting at people, any day. I guess I’ll have a lot of paperwork to handle?”

“After that speech of yours? Obviously, especially with the family thing, but I agree with what you’re doing. The dragons are your problem, as usual.” Victor replied, prodding my chest jokingly, “I’ll see to it that we have classes running within the week, yeah?”

“Sounds good.” I replied, gesturing to the gathered instructors that we were done. “I guess this is going to be the new front?”

Victor nodded. “Probably, yes. At least we can rebuild Singapore, but this place is going to be hammered.”

“A shame.” I replied, dipping my head a little. “This whole thing has blown up so bad.”

Victor turned to look at both the city and Academy, and at the long line of refugees leaving both. I followed as he replied, shaking his head. “Yeah. Who would have known, yeah? How you think this is going to end?”

“End? Probably with one side lying in a pool of their own blood, dead. We aren’t giving up any time soon, and neither are they…and this is about where even my craziest plans end. Never thought we would have survived this long, let alone taken this city.” I replied with a half-smile, yet shaking my head. “If we win this, I’ll……buy you lunch.”

Victor chuckled. “I’ll hold you to that, and no cheap crap this time!”

“Haha, yes boss.” I replied with a smirk as Fenek wandered over.
Resistance C62: Reciprocation
Next chapter~ Shows what they were preparing for~

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things. yes. well, life has somewhat gotten in the way of my writing. lol. Otherwise, yes! I've started doing photography, though I'm probably not uploading here. Too messy. Otherwise, yes I'm still writing, and, yes, I'm still somewhat alive.

And since I'm here, yeah go ahead and ask me things. heh.

Tano'rath out.
Chapter 61: Force Prep

The next few days were a frenzy of activity… Or rather, a frenzy of activity around me. I wasn’t allowed to participate, and was regulated to a corner to rest up.

One by one, the bandages came off. I was actually quite surprised that I didn’t scar at all, but then again, there was literally magic at work here.

Of course, the entire time, Fenek was fussing over me, and I was pretty much not allowed to move unless I needed the toilet. It was actually quite frustrating, since I actually wanted to get up and do things myself, but even Atheros seemed to be against it. The other kids seemed to be attending school still, as soon as the school reopened that is. Agenor and Silvera ended up becoming a mated couple, though there was no word on kids on their end yet. Was nice to see their smiles amidst all the worried faces, though. Love can indeed bloom anywhere.

Eventually, though, when most of the wounds were healed, I ended up wandering into a meeting, and for once, not being chased out to rest.

The planning for the offensive was going well, and ammunition was now not as huge a problem as it used to, along with fuel, as Gareth’s side resupplied our end with the appropriate items. They had transitioned to electric engines long ago apparently, but we didn’t have time to retrofit our equipment. Instead, they opened up the old caches on their homeworld and had it all carted over to us.

I must have been the happiest person about the fuel, since that meant that I could drive around again, which was a huge plus, given that my wings were still in bandages…along with some bits on my legs.

Essentially, things were on track, and we would be able to move out in a few days, assuming the artillery rounds could be manufactured at a decent rate.

Meanwhile, on the civil end, the city was slowly building an electrical grid, wired to several solar panels that had been salvaged during one of the warehouse raids. Vocational training was ongoing to re-educate people so that when we could get the machines of old up and running again, we would be ready. Already, some buildings would be lit with electric lights, powered by batteries and such. Meanwhile, the schools had reopened, and things were generally going well. The walls were on track to being rebuilt, while the city authorities were doing a fairly good job in rebuilding the city.

The destruction had also in its own way been a boon, as it allowed us to build more modern as well as safer buildings. The electricians were trying here and there to put in the required wiring, while the engineers were actually planning the buildings out properly this time. The grid was in no way complete, nor was it that robust, but it was a start.

Even the roads were being widened in anticipation of cars being used, though, the civilian cars that we had been retrieved were parked with the military vehicles gathering dust. Most were used to teach people how to drive, or to pass on knowledge about maintenance. Any textbooks or manuals we found were handed to the schools or vocational training centres to be incorporated into their programs.

All in all, things seemed to be going well.

While the others were conducting training and on occasion, teaching in the school, I was subject to physiotherapy… It was not as if I didn’t like it or whatever, but more of me wanting to go and train like the rest. However, the doctor, who had been recommended by Kazuki, was adamant about it, and I had no choice but to go.

Eventually, time passed in a blur, as I gradually merged myself back into the daily grind of training and teaching, sometimes becoming a student in order to improve my own knowledge. It was as if the removal of my bandages served as a countdown to the day we moved out, and a day after the final one came off, I was called to the wolves’ camp to be briefed.

I strolled in and was seated amongst the usual bunch, including Victor, Sythes and Faelius. In the front middle of the room was a map that had been pinned to the wall. On it were several annotations. I recognised it to be showing the area around our city, and running all the way to Manila and beyond.

In walked Rekir, who was holding a marker. He paused to adjust the map, only to have the whole thing come loose and flop onto him. I snickered as a few of the other commanders got up and helped him to pin it back up.

Huffing, Rekir straightened himself and began. “Okay,goodmorningguys,asyouwellknow,wearegoingtoattackthecityknownasManila.NowthismapshowstheareaaroundthecityaswellastheroutetoManilafromourpresentlocation.I’mheretobriefyouabouttheplannedrouteaswellastheintelwehaveontheirdefences.Butfirst,anyquestions?” He rattled on like a machine gun, and no one could make a heads or tails of what he was saying. I could make sense of the last bit where he asked if we had any questions.

Most of us had question marks painted on all our faces, and stared at each other in mutual confusion until someone actually bothered to point out that Rekir had been talking way too fast.

Sighing, the lanky coyote fidgeted a bit before saying everything again, but this time, while set to semi-automatic. “Okay, good morning guys. As you well know, we are going to attack the city known as Manila. Now, this map shows the area around the city as well as the route to Manila from our present location. I’m here to brief you about the planned route as well as the intel we have on their defences. But first, any other questions?”

Even then, he still spoke a tad fast for my liking, but more or less all of us could at least pick up on what he was saying. There were a few shouted questions about how long the briefing would take and whether taking notes were allowed. Otherwise, everyone seemed to be keeping their questions for after the whole thing, in case the answers were in the briefing itself.

The briefing itself was quite standard. We were shown possible approach vectors, good spots for artillery, and possible weaknesses in the walls. There were even one or two satellite photos, although they weren’t exactly the highest resolution. It did, however, show the positions that were being discussed.

While the main group was dismissed, the planning committee, me included, convened to a smaller room, with maps and markers already on a table, complete with chairs, and even a small coffee table with refreshments. As we sat, Rekir began annotating on the map with his marker, trying to note down whatever had been said earlier, but unfortunately, the markers all seemed to be out of ink, while the only one that had ink leaked all over his hand.

“He really has some shit luck…” I muttered to Fenek who nodded.

Rekir glanced around. “I heard that.”

“Bad day, then?” I replied, shrugging.

“Nah. Probability hates me.” He replied, smirking, before he dropped the marker on the floor, dislodging the cap and covering his foot in ink. As he picked it up, he added, “See?”

I smirked. “Yup. Be more careful or something I guess.” Subsequently, I glanced round the room. “Okay, now what’s the plan so far?”

We ended up sitting round the table till a box of fresh markers were brought in, and we proceeded to vandalise multiple copies of the map, trying to work out how the attack would work. The front of the city faced the plains, however, the rear was bound by mountains. About three kilometres from the city gates was a plateau, on which there were several satellite villages, though I was informed that they were sympathetic to our cause.

The actual issue was the fact that the Academy was there. The Riders would no doubt pose a big problem, and there seemed to be no way around it.

We discussed getting the dragons drunk again, but I doubted if that would work. Given the force that the wolves (and dogs, and whatever else they had) added on, perhaps we could make a show of force and just demand surrender, but I doubted if that would work at all.

Artillery wise, it was quite straightforward, since the plateau was high enough, and large enough. It would make a nice staging area too.

I was informed that the wolves had already been manufacturing ammunition for us for quite some time, while with their maintenance crew supplementing ours, most of the damaged vehicles had been repaired, while others were having their maintenance done. The fact that the wolves provided them with proper power tools was a huge boon too.

We managed to finish the planning before dinner, and set the attack date to be the next day, not wanting to give the dragons a chance to attack us again. We even had time to allocate forces to defend our towns too…

As usual, we were all sent our separate ways to brief our respective departments.

Hoping that I wouldn’t have to deal with the same mess as the last time, I made my way to the dragons’ barracks, to find them all standing round a chair, waiting for me. As usual, Hector stood by the chair, nodding to me as I strolled over and stood on the chair and delivered my briefing.

Once done, I went home for dinner, and spent a while washing my cap, which turned the water black, and then having a nice, long bath.
Resistance C61: Force Prep
Well well well, happy new year, for those reading this shortly after posting.

Now, yes, I am still alive, but things have been happening, and been somewhat busy in general. I'm still writing and stuff, but not much. Found a second hobby as well, so that is partially to blame. 

Anyway, enjoy~

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 The departure from my usual tone in this journal comes with good reason. A friend of mine, :icongodzilla99: has passed on recently. 

I don't think many of you guys have seen him on this profile, though I am aware that some of you have had the privilege of knowing him.

Great guy. He's always the one who was the joker, and although I didn't exactly know him too well, he was one of the first friends that I made on this site. He had a pechant for jokes, be it fish-slapping people in chat or tempting people with shiny things, also in chat. He was also always the guy who had something nice to say. No matter how bad your day, or probably his as well, he's always the cheerful bloke, joking around, always having time to ask how you were, and to listen to your troubles and joys. 

To be honest, I don't really know what else to say. I don't even know what to title this as. It's just so...abrupt.

Rest in peace, zilla, or as his family knows him, Jeffery.
Chapter 60: Tour

Gareth gave us a while to freshen up, and I ended up filling a bottle of water while Fenek seemed to be busy preening.

At some point, Kazuki also wandered in. “Alright, you two smelly lizards, are you ready?”

Fenek actually took offence at that, which was moderately amusing, and I had to hide a snicker as he retorted, “Oh shut up, you smelly, hairy mammal! We’ll be done soon.” He subsequently turned to glare at me. “It’s not funny!”

Rolling my eyes, I adjusted my cap, which, I noted, would need a wash soon. “Pipe down, Fenek. Don’t get your tail into a knot.”

Fenek glowered at me while I fussed a bit with my belt before walking out with the two wolves. “Anything I should expect?”

Kazuki smirked. “Well, our ops guy is…special.”

I couldn’t help but to snicker. “In a good way or what?”

“We….aren’t sure about that yet. Decide for yourself I guess.” He replied with a smirk, then produced a dumpling from a plastic bag, this time larger, that was hanging from his scope.

“Let me guess, 48 dumplings this time?” I added, glancing at the bag as we walked out.

“No. Fifty. The others liked them too much. All disappeared in a few minutes.” He replied, emphasising his point by chewing.

I gave him a rather pointed look as we walked to the East Gate. “You know, there is more to the world of food than just dim sum.”

Kazuki huffed as we walked out the gate, into what must have been the most modern compound in the area for kilometres. “Maybe, but this stuff is too good. Now, I hear that you’ve all been deprived of modern technology. Ours is slightly more advanced, but similar. Maybe you’ll find it a bit more homely.”

The compound itself consisted of a few rows of low rectangular buildings, some of the larger two storey ones were obviously barracks, while another one with antennae and satellite dishes was obviously an operations centre. Off to one side, I could just hear the sound of weapons fire, originating from what I assumed to be the range. There were several other buildings littered about, but I couldn’t immediately determine their purpose. The buildings were all painted a dull grey, and the whole compound was walled up with wire fences, while a proper brick wall was being constructed outside.

“Impressive.” I remarked, still looking around. “Why the satellite dishes? Did you guys launch a satellite or something?”

Gareth smirked and shook his head. “The dragons failed to remove any of the satellites that are currently in orbit. We simply linked up with them. They are mostly in working order, though some of the telemetry suggests that some of the larger space stations have been destroyed by collisions and such.”

“I see. Did you manage to get a GPS or GLONASS linkup?” I replied, glancing up into the sky. Most of us had actually assumed that the satellites were gone…

Gareth glanced over, nodding. “Yes, but both systems seem to do the same thing. Why do you have duplicates?”

“Politics.” I replied flatly.

“Ah, that. Either way, lets get started, yes?” Gareth replied, pointing at the ops building. “Shall we begin at the operations centre?”

“Don’t see why not.” I replied with a shrug.

I was brought into the building, which was every bit as much what you would expect in an administrative wing. People hammering away on keyboards, papers being passed around, people rushing to and fro with more papers, shouting from one end of the room to the other, and of course, half a million phones ringing at once. It was chaotic. I loved it.

“Hah. Almost as chaotic as HQ 39SCE.” I remarked, chuckling.

“That’s your unit, yes?” Gareth replied, nodding.

Surprised, I stared at him for a moment. “Yup. How’d you know?”

“We managed to get ahold of a few of your military computers. Admittedly, the encryption was quite good, but we managed to get in and look through. You see, we needed to see if and how any resistance operation would be run here, and what kind of weaponry you would have. We have information on the militaries from some of your countries. It is quite fascinating, actually, to see the differences between the well off ones and the not so well off ones…”

As Gareth spoke, he led me around the building, pausing here and there to point out the various rooms, as well as to introduce me to the base commander, who shook my hand, but had to rush off somewhere.

I ended up discussing some of the pre-war politics with him as well as explaining how the world system actually functioned, or in some cases, did not function. However, our interesting discussion was interrupted when I was brought into one particular room, which seemed to have wall to wall monitors.

In the middle of it all sat what looked like a coyote, who was wheeling around on an office chair, and looked to be typing on two keyboards simultaneously. He didn’t seem to realise that he had visitors, and was busy hammering away.

“…the ops guy?” Was all I could manage.

Gareth managed a weak nod. “This…is Rekir. He’s……special.”

I stared at the screens, counting at least ten. How he kept track of everything eluded me. “…no shit.”

“Well, magic manifests in strange ways sometimes, and his magical talents lie in the manipulation of computers. People like him are quite rare, though.” Gareth replied, eyes unfocused as he too seemed to try to make sense of what was going on.

Almost on cue, I heard a loud ‘crack!’ sound, and Rekir seemed to pause to stare at one of his keyboards, which he tossed onto the floor, into a sizable pile of broken plastic, while producing another one from under the table with his other hand.

“See what I mean?” Gareth remarked, as we made our way out of the room.

I was still busy trying to make sense of what had been going on and ended up nodding mutely. Meanwhile, Kazuki, who seemed to have been eating the entire time, popped another dumpling into his mouth.

Gareth paused for a moment, as if remembering something. “Oh, one more thing. We….didn’t find your name in the database. Are you going by a pseudonym or something?”

I couldn’t help but sigh. “Well, it’s as good a time as any I suppose. You’re probably using the wrong keywords.”

Gareth shot me a very confused look. “We searched your name and rank. Nothing came up.”

At this point, I could feel Fenek’s stare boring into my back, while Kazuki was staring at me whist holding a half-eaten dumpling. I nodded a little. “Wrong rank.”

Gareth folded his arms. “I’m sure we got the spelling right.”

“No, no, you should be searching for Corporal Keane. Not sergeant.” I replied, shaking my head. “Now, this is one thing that isn’t reflected in the system. You see, when a serviceman is killed in action, he is bumped up two ranks, and when the dragons came for Mindef HQ, they marked us all as KIA. So, privates became corporals, and corporals became sergeants.” I paused for effect, while Kazuki finished up his dumpling. “I was in the process of filling out the paperwork to become a regular, but it was never finished. However, what I recounted to Fenek and co was true. At that time, I was in for reservist training, and in fact, I am in charge of the armoury, and we never did manage to get the guns out. The whole drama was true. The only thing is that I had two stripes instead of three. Anyway, everyone insists that I’m a sergeant these days, so whatever. Pretty much the whole Resistance knows, and more or less all of them hold ranks two above. So, if you want to check up our files, you’ll have to change the ranks accordingly. This is also why I don’t give so many specifics in my recounts, and why the dragons took so long to track us down.”

Gareth seemed taken aback for a moment, while I shrugged and continued walking with Kazuki. Fenek looked less than pleased.

“You could have told me, you know.” Fenek snapped, annoyed.

“Perhaps, but well, to be honest, I had half forgotten about it myself. I only remembered when Gareth brought up the records thing.” I replied with another shrug as Gareth caught up. “After a while, you get used to repeating that same thing over and over I guess.”

“So, you’re saying that there-“

I cut him off. “There are no commanders. Yes. There are none. Not from my unit anyway. They were all in the HQ block having a meeting when the attack occurred. The block was turned into a pile of burning rubble within a minute or so. No one got out alive. I don’t know much about the other units, but I imagine that things weren’t that much different.” I chuckled sourly, “I’m the best you’ll get, Gareth.”

Gareth cracked a slight smile. “I’d say you’ve done well enough. This is a minor detail in the grand scheme of things. Our commanders were just wondering why there were no records.”

“Understandable.” I replied, adjusting my cap as we came up to what looked like a workshop.

Surprisingly, what I saw inside were our tanks. The wolves’ own vehicles were parked in neat rows next to the building, in a wide open air area. From below the tank rolled what looked like a white…dog?

“Ah, this is Law. He is of a different breed from us. They prefer not to be on the front, and instead, play a supporting role. He is a mechanic.” Gareth narrated, pointing as he spoke. Law waved before wheeling himself back under the tank, grumbling to himself about how many rocks he had pulled out of the engine thus far.

I was also introduced to some of their tank crews, one of which looked almost identical to Law, but seemed to be more on the ball about things. Hit tank had some rather…interesting graffiti scrawled on it as well.

I got to tour their accommodation as well, with it being some pretty run of the mill military housing, along with the canteen and the range. I even got to try their laser weapons.

However, after a few shots, it became painfully evident that their weaponry suffered from some pretty severe overheating issues, which Gareth acknowledged. The only way to solve it, it seemed was to shoot slower, or to carry a gunpowder weapon too. They were transitioning I guessed, and if anything, what they had was far further down the line when compared to what we had in the old days.

Kazuki’s gun could be said to be the hallmark of everything that was wrong with their weapons. It was a silent rifle, using similar principles to that of a gauss gun. However, given the amount of electricity flowing through the whole thing when it was fired, it would always overheat, and even had a steam vent on one side. After each shot, one would have to wait for it to cool down, and in that time, you would have to run and hide. Only a handful of those were ever made for obvious reasons, but Kazuki liked it enough to hang onto it.

I was not one to complain, though, since that gun did save my life. I was even allowed to take it and inspect it. “Silent, Accurate and Deadly. What’s there to not like about it?” Kazuki happily said. “Granted, I need to wait between each shot, but that forces me to find another location to get another good shot at my target. So it’s a win-win situation.” Feeling proud, Kazuki smiled and continued eating the dumpling he had in his hand. I just shook my head and returned to inspecting the rifle. It was still an admittedly nice gun.

To prove his point, he even had me toss a dumpling down the range. The familiar ‘click’ sound was heard and a shot was fired, splattering the contents of the dumpling on the range. Immediately after the shot, the vents started emitting steam, and it took a while before the rifle was operational again.

As he waited for the gun to cool, he remarked, “What a waste…. That was a perfectly good dumpling.”

With nothing better to do, I ended up emptying a magazine from my pistol downrange, finding my accuracy to be, well, as much as you’d expect from someone covered in bandages: shit. Fenek also told me off for doing it, as every shot would make the aches worse. Didn’t bother me, though, as I did like shooting.
Resistance C60: Tour
I am still... not dead. Just had a bad run with the exams. Waiting for results at the mo. Looks like real life is catching up with me haha. No time for all this anymore. Still writing a bit here and there tho. Oh well. Engineering student life I guess.

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