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December 17, 2011
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The moment I had flipped open the exam paper, I had instantly regretted signing up to take the Chemistry Olympiad. I read through the question, and my mind went blank, like a freshly formatted hard drive. I cursed. Of all times, my brain had chosen this time to let me down. However, I knew what to do.  I simply forced myself to do the damn question, wringing the information from my uncooperative mind. Not only were the questions challenging, they were also tedious.

By the time I had gotten to the last question, I was already rather frustrated, and was hoping for an easy question. However, the very first line of the question caught my eye. It said: This question is about dragons.

My jaw dropped. Of all things to set a question on, they had to set one on dragons. I shrugged, and got back to work. Dragons or no, it was still a question, and it had to be done. Like the others, it wasn't easy. However, I found it interesting. The question was on the various gases used by the different coloured dragons to produce their flame breath. The only thing that seemed to stick in my mind was that gold dragons were smelly, as they produced hydrogen sulfide

Eventually, I did finish the paper, however, for some reason or other, the question about dragons was still stuck in my head. The question had no link whatsoever to the other questions, which were simply about some topic or other, and started with more normal things  like 'This question is about a double titration.'. I couldn't shake the feeling that the question had been put there for a reason, my friends, however, had thought nothing of it.

"Eh shall we go and have lunch at the mall?" Jonathan barged into my thoughts, scattering them.

I shrugged. "Why not?" Then, took out my wallet. "Lets see… I have $4"

"Very funny. Both of us know that $4 isn't enough for lunch. By the way, did you brush your teeth today?"

"I know, I know. I'll draw some cash later, and yes, I did brush my teeth. I always do. Why do you ask?"

"Your breath smells very bad today…"

"You sure? I havent eaten anything today, so it should just smell like toothpaste…"

"Well, it smells..bad. You need to down a bottle of mouthwash to clear that up…."

"That bad?"


"Okay… so lets go and get lunch, and some breath mints, since its that bad… Maybe I've got a cavity…"

Then, we went for lunch, which was uneventful. However, on the way back home, I started to feel dizzy. I had already eaten an entire tin of breathmints, and if anything, my breath had only gotten worse.

By the time I had gotten home, my vision had started to fade, and the first thing I did was to collapse onto a chair. Soon enough, my vision cleared. This wasn't the first time it had happened, though, as I had a blood condition. However, this time was the worst. Still, I brushed it off, and went to the kitchen and started making lunch.

As I reached for the pot, I froze. My fingernails had turned black, and had began to elongate before my very eyes! In my surprise, I dropped the pot, and it clanged to the floor. Then, my stomach grumbled. I sighed, and picked up the pot, my fingernails still elongating.

As I tried to start the fire, I sighed, and had to jump back, as my breath ignited, producing a rather large fireball. Could it be? However, before I could get my thoughts together, I lost my balance and fell, knocking my head on the table in the progress, causing my spectacles to fly off, and skitter off to some corner. Once again, my vision blurred, and black spots appeared on the edge of said vision. There was also an excurciating pain at the back of my head, no doubt due to the bump.

Blinking to clear my head, I groped around, looking for my glasses, only to realise that I no longer needed them. My vision had somehow become restored to perfection. Then, I saw my hand. My fingernails had all elongated and thickened into vicious looking black claws. I watched in a mixture of disbelief and horror as small golden scales had began to sprout on my hands, and began to make their way up my arm. Panic engulfed me, as I tried in vain to remove them. I pulled at the claws, and scratched at the scales, to no avail. Meanwhile, the scales continued their relentless march up my arm, along my shoulder, and down my back.

The scales on my chest were a creamy white, while those on my back and hands were a metallic gold colour. At this point, panic had already blotted out all coherent thought, and all that was on my mind was an overwhelming desire to stop whatever that was happening, and to go back to normal. Then I laid eyes on the knife drawer.

As I reached for the drawer, I felt three points of pressure building. two on my upper back, just below my shoulders, and one at my tailbone.

I gripped the drawer's handle and pulled. As I did so, an intense pain occurred in my arms and hands, causing me to loose control over them, and they crashed to the ground, together with the drawer, which spilt it's contents of assorted knives all over the floor. At this point, the only part of my body that hadn't been covered by the accursed scales was my legs, and my head and the scales had already began to creep up my neck, and race down my legs. If I had been able to think clearly, or think at all for that matter, I would have been cursing my lips off. Meanwhile, the points of pressure on my back erupted into crippling pain, as I felt some things push themselves out of my back. I looked behind to find that I had sprouted a pair of bat-like wings and a tail. The wings themselves seemed oversized, and the membrane of the wings was a brilliant yellow colour, and their arms were covered in the same golden scales that covered my body. The tail had the same golden scales, with a creamy white underside. As I looked at the new appendages, the scales managed to claim my legs and feet. The wings had ripped my shirt to pieces, and the tail had punched a ragged hole in the seat of my pants.

Then, came the pain all over my body. I could do nothing but scream in pain, as I felt several of my bones break and reform, causing me to fall to the floor once again. At the same time, there was a dull ache in my face, and at the back of my head, as I felt my face elongate into a muzzle, and be covered in the same golden scales. My ears withered away, and were replaced with frills. The pain at the back of my head climaxed, as it split into four points, and two pairs of horns burst out of my head, one pair on top on the other. All my hair fell out, and spikes began to push themselves out of my back, running from my head to the tip of my new tail. My arms and legs completely changed, going from a bipedal to a quadrupedal stance. My neck also seemed to be elongating. At this point, my clothes had been reduced to scraps of cloth strewn all over the kitchen.

Next came a burning sensation all over my body, as I felt myself growing, and putting on muscle mass. Then it dawned on me that if I didn't get out of the house that instant, I would not be able to get out at all. Ignoring the pain and burning all over my body, I dragged myself out the door, and into the garden, where I collapsed onto the grass.

After what felt like an eternity, the pain and burning finally abated. From what i felt, it seemed as if my mind had undergone some changes as well. I noticed several new instincts, and my mind felt somewhat larger, and strangely younger. I stood up, finding that I could only stand on all fours now and looked around. I had gotten considerably bigger, and I reckoned that I would not be able to fit into the living room anymore. On all fours, I was as tall as the first story of the house. My hind legs had three clawed toes in front, and one behind. My foreclaws seemed to have retained their opposable thumbs, for which I was grateful, but they now only had three fingers.

Before I could look myself over anymore, a shadow raced past me, and I looked up, to see another dragon of the same colouration circling above. Something told me that it was waiting for me. Without delay, I took off, flattening a tree in the process.

As I flapped up to it, it turned to regard me, and spoke. "So, you are one of us now... Hmm it seems like the spell worked." His (it was definitely male) voice was deep, and resonant, and his tone gentle.

All I could muster up was a meek "Why me?"

"Because, young one, you are one of the best and brightest of your school, and you have the right personality-definitely dragon material!" He sounded pleased, smug even.

I growled. "Best and brightest? Bah, you've gotten the wrong person! Besides, this was done without my consent!" I spat.

"Hah, such modesty! But you are enjoying being one of us no?"

"Yes, but that's beside the point!"

"Oh, no it isn't! You would have wanted this anyway! Besides, the change is irreversible."

I sighed. "...You're right,...."

"Celaron" he filled in for me. "Come, now. The others are eager to meet you!"

"There are more of you?"

"Obviously. Whatever that was stated in that question is true. Follow me."

With that, he flew off, with me following behind. I left behind my human life, and flew forth to a new life as a dragon.
feral gold dragon TF

FYI: the question is real ^.=.^

As usual, comment and tell me what you think! XD
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