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August 19, 2012
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Last lesson of the day.

And I was damn well dying. I lay with my head on the table, quietly scribbling down notes as the teacher droned on about nuclear physics. It was bad enough that the converted shipping container that was my classroom was a freezer, but my luck would have it that I was feeling unwell on top of that. Still, my parents had insisted that I come to school on the grounds that I had no fever.

I got up from my desk and went to switch off one of the two air conditioning units in the room, before returning to the desk again. I had PE later on in the day, but I had already decided to give it a miss, for I didn't want to exuberate my condition.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson, and I hastily packed my bag then made my way for the exit. My headache was already getting worse…

I gave my mother a call, informing her that I was coming home early, then made my way out the school gates and flagged down a taxi.

I made my way home, dozing in the taxi. I managed to catch a few minutes of sleep at home before my parents came and hustled me into the car, intending to take me to see a doctor.

By then, my head felt as if it were spinning at 5200rpm… Much like a hard disk.

Luckily, there was no queue at the doctor's. As soon as I was handed my number, I was called into the doctor's office.

"So, what's wrong with you?"

"Headache, dizziness and a cough"

The doctor then put me through the normal tests, including temperature taking and the taking of my blood pressure on account of my dizziness. Eventually she concluded that I had a simple viral infection, and sent me on my way with some medication to address the symptoms.

I went home, took the medicine and went to bed.

I had some really strange dreams…

Within the dream, I found myself walking around my room, but instead, I felt different somehow… For one thing, I had three other appendages, and my face felt longer than it should…

However, before I could do anything, I was pulled back to reality by the sounds of hammering from my neighbour's house. They were renovating the place, and I had completely forgotten about it. Considering how cold I had felt earlier, turning on the air conditioning was definitely out of the question.

I settled for shutting the door and climbing back into bed.

This time, it was just the normal dreamless sleep I would have if I were sick…

I woke up late in the night, with a splitting headache, the medicine having worn off. My innards felt somewhat off as well… As if they had decided to swap places and were just settling into their new spots in my body…

Besides that, my back felt plain weird. I could only describe the sensation as that of having 'phantom limbs'. In this case, a pair of wings and a somewhat long tail. Ask me not where these sensations came from, for I know not. It just…happened.

I also felt a muzzle.

"Damn, this is weird. I became an otherkin overnight…. No I became an otherkin over five hours…." I muttered, confused, glancing at the clock.

Either way, I was hungry, so I proceeded down to the first floor (my room is on the second floor), and heated up some porridge and made myself a cup of bitter tea, which my dad apparently says is good for me, to go with it. I took care not to make too much noise for my parents and sister were asleep upstairs.

I quickly wolfed down the food, washed up and took my medicine.

I then crashed into bed, the medicine having made me drowsy.

Again, I had those dreams…

And again, I woke up at some point. I made my way to the toilet, muttering "Why does the strange shit always happen to me…?"

I then fell into a dreamless sleep again, that one word still hanging over my thoughts.

And it continued to do so for the rest of the next day. My entire body was aching at this point, as if I had been through a thorough workout rather than lying in bed, asleep.

By dinner time on the third day, I felt so stiff that it took a ridiculous amount of energy to do something as simple as walk, or lift something with my arm. However, I didn't say anything as I had decided that it was probably the sickness reaching a high point.

I stumbled down the stairs and collapsed into my place at the dinner table. Sickness or no, I insisted to take dinner with my family at the proper dinner table, as it was an excuse for me to get myself out of bed and actually move, as somehow or other there was this ridiculous fear in the back of my mind that my muscles would deteriorate if I just lay around in my room…

Another reason was probably of pride… I was already eighteen, and I guess my ego didn't want me to have to be fed by someone, no matter what my condition was.

As I shovelled down my porridge, my mother shot me a look of pity. I could only offer a weak smile.

However, just as I put the spoon down, having just finished the food, I felt a sudden surge of weakness, causing my arms to suddenly lose all power and fall limply to my side… The same for my legs which ended up just dangling off the chair.

Then there was a sudden surge of pain…and energy.

MY fists involuntarily clenched and I clutched at my chest, where the pain suddenly erupted…no that word doesn't cut it… the pain EXPLODED.

I wanted to tell my parents, but all I could utter was a strangled "UrK!", as I felt my lungs suddenly stop working momentarily.

Thankfully, they resumed functioning a split second later, sparing me a death by suffocation.

However, I found that my muscles had locked into position, disallowing me from moving. There was a searing pain that engulfed my entire body, as if I was simultaneously pushing every muscle way past their max. Then, my vision blurred and failed, along with my hearing…

Panic clawed away at my psyche, making my normal calm disappear, replaced by a simple desire to flee, screaming all the way.

However, even that, I couldn't do. My muscles were still locked, and my vocal chords were unresponsive to say the least.

Meanwhile, I felt something burst out of my back, where the tailbone ended, and thump onto the floor, along with a new pair of appendages bursting out of my back, probably destroying my shirt in the process.

Through the pain, I found a rush of new sensations as those new appendages connected with my nervous system…

I also felt pinpricks of pain all over my body as something, or rather some things slid out from under my skin.

That was when my body decided to start working again. My vision returned and I was rewarded by an extremely surprising sight.

The first thing I noticed was the muzzle, which appeared as a black blur in my vision, along with what looked like a small horn at the tip of it…. Doubtlessly, it was filled with sharp teeth… My tongue also felt different… I flicked it out experimentally to find that it was now forked… I also felt a pair of horns at the back of my head, along with a mane which had probably grown out from my original unruly hair.

I found myself covered from head to toe in black scales, with the exception of my chest, which was covered in thicker, dark grey scales. As I looked myself over, I felt something on my back involuntarily twitch. I felt around behind as I turned to look. I had apparently sprouted a pair of bat-like wings along with a long, serpentine tail. My hands were also covered with scales, and my nails had elongated into short, stub claws which were off-white in colour.

I looked down, at my legs, to find that firstly, I was now sitting in a pool of blood, and secondly, my five toes had become three, each tipped with a wicked looking claw, of the same colouration as the ones on my fingers.

At least the sickness seemed to have disappeared…

Then, I noticed the looks of horror my parents and sister were giving me…

"…how?" was all my mother could manage, before screaming her head off…

My sister just stared, dumbstruck, while my father managed to snap out of it, and lunged towards me and began shaking me vigorously. "What have you done with our son?!"

As the world shook before me, I tried to speak. "I'm the ssssame person!! Ssssstop it! I'm becoming dizzy!"

My pronunciation definitely needed work…

He stopped stunned, then ran into the kitchen. My mother had since stopped screaming and was staring, while my sister was scratching her head, trying to figure out what had just happened, having overcome the initial shock.

I knew my dad had gone to get a knife…

I hastily got up, somewhat shaky on my new digitigrade feet, and bolted out the door, just as he came out with the largest knife in the drawer: the one we use to cut down banana trees…

As I ran out, I couldn't help but give a sad wave, as I spread my new wings and flew off, just before my dad pounced…

That was some virus I had…
havent done a TF story in quite a while, so I sat down and did this...

Not exactly very good, in my opinion.. I'm a little rusty. May rewrite this in future.

Aaaaanyway, read, enjoy, and comment to tell me what you think!
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Trevor48 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
Good job
Tanorath-drgn Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
aaand thanks again!
enderare Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
yay, another dragon to dissect.
Tanorath-drgn Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lashblade Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
This is the sort of thing that would be good with a follow up of some sort.
Tanorath-drgn Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hm.. perhaps i should write one.
Lashblade Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
That would be nice.
Tanorath-drgn Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hmm ill get to it after the exams i guess...
If i remember heh :p
Zmaj-dragon Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Rewrite the ending, or at least finish it properly. It's not really funny to end it with son running away from a father with a sword, not a knife. =P

Nicely done sequence, though, and fine descriptions. :)
Tanorath-drgn Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hm ok... ill work on it afrer my exams, and thanks for the feedback
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