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May 30, 2011
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Dragon TF ( part one of a bunch of stories)

It was like any day in school. As usual, I had not been able to wake up, and had to rush to school. After the first lecture of the day, I heard my stomach grumble. I had been in such a rush that I had forgotten to have breakfast! So, I headed down to the canteen and bought a plate of chicken rice and was about to buy a can of coffee, only to find, to my dismay that I did not have any money left. Instead, I had to settle for a cup of fruit punch, which was about half the price.

I quickly gobbled down the food, and drank the punch. It tasted weird. My stomach would probably give me trouble over that later. Today was going to be a bad day…

And indeed it was. Throughout the entire day, my insides felt as if they were sloshing about. Little did I know that they really were doing just that. I was unable to concentrate during my tutorials and was scolded several times by the teacher.

After school, I quickly made my way to the train station. I wanted to hurry home before the inevitable torrent of diarrhea started. It was an hour of misery aboard the train, as the feeling continued. Worse still, I felt horrible, as my stomach kept making weird noises and people were staring. My skin was also very itchy and I had to fight to ensure that I did not scratch too much.

When I reached home, it was already evening, and I went straight to the toilet, thinking that I was about to have a major stomach upset.

However, that was not the case. The first thing I saw in my mirror shocked me. My entire complexion had turned deathly pale, but luckily, my insides had finally finished their gymnastics and they had subsided.

Just then, I felt something push out from the tip of my spine, and was shocked to see a long tail proceed to grow out from my back and land on the floor with a dull thump. I was amazed by this new appendage, as I experimentally moved it about, to find that moving it was quite intuitive.

Then, I felt a searing pain in my foot, as I watched in horror as two of my toes fused into one longer digit, while my big toe began to migrate, seemingly moving to the back of my foot.

Meanwhile, black scales began making their way up my body, from the feet up.

The pain in my foot was so intense that I fell to the floor, and curled into a ball, moaning in pain, which intensified, as I heard bones cracking, as the bones themselves reshaped and moved into new positions. Ivory claws pushed out of each toe, as a new wave of somewhat more subdued pain began. They literally erupted from my toes, pushing aside my toenails in the process. I now had three clawed toes on each foot, not counting the one at the back.

Luckily my parents had gone off for a business trip. If not, my mom would have thought I was doing drugs (she lives under a rock right?). However, that was the least of my worries.

Just as the pain in my feet began to subside, I felt sharp and intense points of pain at certain points along my spine.  I turned around, only to see several evenly spaced spikes pushing their way out of my back, breaking the skin and spraying blood everywhere at the same time. Before I could form any thoughts, There was a searing pain in my shoulders. They felt as if they were being ripped into two. They were. Then, I saw two 'arms' with ridiculously long 'fingers' break through my skin, and a membrane began to grow between them.

Strangely, though, my arms and hands were mostly unchanged, other than being covered with shining jet-black scales, and my fingernails being slightly more pointed than before.

'Scales? Wings? A tail? I thought. But this could not be…'

my thoughts were cut short, as the scales began their now slow progress over my face. I felt a tugging on my jaw and face, followed by the most intense pain yet, as parts of my skull broke, reshaped and elongated into a muzzle. Stumped, I watched all this happen on the mirror, while the scales covered my face, which was now a reptilian muzzle. Then, my vision blurred momentarily, as my pupils became slits. Then, my vision became clearer than ever. It was like viewing the world in high-definition. I thought it was over, but it was not. What started as an ache at two points at the back of my head blossomed into pure agony, as two horns, of the same coloration of my claws erupted from my head. As if to add insult to injury, al my hair fell off, leaving me bald.

The pain gone, I looked in the mirror. I liked what I saw, although I could not fathom it. I had turned into a anthropomorphic black dragon, with jet black scales all over my body, except on my belly, where the scales were a darkish shade of grey. How could this be? Dragons did not exist, not in this world anyway.

<Now we do.>

I jumped. Scared, I demanded, "Who are you? What are you? What do you want?" and discovered that my voice had become several octaves deeper, and was more resonant.

<Is it not obvious? I am outside waiting for you. You are to be my guardian. And there is no need to shout, just think your reply to me and I shall hear it.> The smug, yet regal voice in my head said.

Unable to think of a reply, I snorted, and opened the toilet door, which was now splattered with my blood, to see a small feral dragon looking at me. I somehow knew that he was the voice in my head.

<but I am only seventeen, how can I even mentor you? Besides, how can I go to school like this? And how can I explain this to my parents?> I demanded of the voice, wanting and intending to get answers.

<relax, your parents and school know. There are more like us.>


<Go and read the newspapers tomorrow. You will get what I mean.>

<No need for that. I can check a news website>

< whats a news website?>

<you don't know?>

<I don't. I cant even recognize half the things here. That's why my parents chose your family to mentor us as your family seems to be the most familiar with the crackpot technology of this era.> The dragon said, rather indignantly.

All I could muster was a feeble <oh.> as I powered on my computer. I was pleased to find that my fingers retained their dexterity.I immediately logged onto the various news websites, all the while ignoring the various comments and questions from the dragon, only to have the mad notion that the dragon had put forward confirmed. Worldwide, several people had undergone similar changes under similar circumstances. I sat there, stumped, until my ancient chair gave way and broke, sending me unceremoniously onto the ground, causing me to roar in shock and pain. I could hear the feral laughing behind me.  All I could do was give it a glowering look.

<How long will I be stuck like this?> I asked, worried. How would I cram myself into my school uniform tomorrow…

< For the rest of your life. Which is very long, mind you. Dragon lifespans are measured in millennia. Don't worry about you human apparel, you are a dragon now. My name is Talorath, by the way.>

Annoyed and not knowing what to say, I just went to bed. Life just got a whole lot weirder.
some lucky guy gets turned into a dragon :) enjoy! There will be more on these guys later
EDIT: i forgot to give the dragon a name... Its rectified now.
Do comment and tell me what you think :) Also, I made some minor grammar adjustments. Seems like i am a bit rusty... I havent written stories since november last year, and that was for the O'Levels!

i rewrote it! XD--> [link]
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i wanted to improve the standard. thats it. if you prefer the old one, then by all means read that one instead heh
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